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Seesmic Desktop is a social network client for Twitter and Facebook
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In the era of social networks, clients for these became something very popular. Either is about Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or Youtube, applications brought them from the web to our mobile phones, desktop, gadgets, and even gaming consoles. Connecting to both Twitter and Facebook, and allowing also multiple accounts for both, Seesmic Desktop became the one of the most popular clients for social networks. It is based on Adobe Air, a cross-platform runtime environment which allows it to run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. In order to have Seesmic up and running, Adobe Air free plug-in must be previously installed ( is available for all platforms on Adobe website ).

Even though it can be used for both social networks, most of its features and popularity are revolving around Twitter. The interface is intuitive and friendly, having posts displayed in e-mail style. It offers also various tabs customization, the user being able to choose between having all messages in one tab or separating them in multiple tabs based on replies, sent, favorites, or private messages. Posters can be put in groups making it easier to read their messages. As well as Twitter's interface, it offers a real time search option, and saves your searches on the left tab for later usage. Multiple accounts can be accessed in real time also. For hardcore Twitter users, Seesmic built-in support for Twitpic and a webcam function, allows to upload pictures on the fly. The services offered are very handy, users can choose their favorite site to shorten URLs, or to upload pictures/videos. A useful feature is sound alerts for each new twitt or replay to a user twitt. This can be also turned off to not become annoying. Overall Seesmic Desktop is a good and stable Twitter and Facebook client, and I recommend it for both, casual and hardcore users.

Dracopol Sebastian
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  • Multiple accounts.
  • Real time search on Twitter.
  • User groups.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Many URL shorters and photo upload services to choose from


  • Cannot access older Twitters messages
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